Welcome to Parkway Business Solutions online course about The CARES ACT and the Paycheck Protection Program.  As these programs continue to evolve, so will the content in the course.  We hope you find this information to be helpful as we rebuild this country one business at a time.

Scenario Worksheet Example

Payroll vs Non Payroll

  • Cash Compensation

    Salary, Hourly, Commissions, Tips and more. Learn which pay types are included as payroll expenses and which are not.

  • Health Care Expenses

    Specific employer contributions toward group healthcare plans are covered expenses, learn what is covered and what is not.

  • Retirement Plans

    Learn which types of retirement plans contributions are included as cash compensation for the employee and the employer.

  • Interest Expense on Mortgage Loans

    Continue making the payments on interest for outstanding business loans.

  • Rent & Lease Payments

    Use funds from the PPP to pay your rent during the covered period

  • Utilities Expense

    Review which utilities are allowable expenses with PPP funds.

Full Time Equivalent Employee Count

Knowing how to properly calculate your full time employee headcount is crucial when calculating your potential loan forgiveness.

SBA Calculation Method

Simplified Method

Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act

Depending on when your Paycheck Protection Program loan was funded, the terms of your loan will be different.  

Maturity of Loan
2 year
5 year
Deferral Period
At least 6 months but no more than 1 year.
Until the date on which the amount of forgiveness determined is remitted to the lender
Forgiveness Submission Deadline
Within 10 Months of last day of Covered Period.
Payroll vs. Non Payroll Split
75 / 25
60 / 40
Covered Period
8 Weeks
24 Weeks/ 8 Weeks

Safe Harbor

Wage Reduction Calculations Explained

Walk through the wage reduction formula to determine for each employee. Be strategic in your rehiring process and make your funds last longer.

Topics Covered

  • 1

    Paycheck Protection Program Scenario Calculator

  • 2

    Introduction to the Paycheck Protection Program

    • Important Timelines for the Paycheck Protection Program

    • Covered Period Explained

    • Cash Compensation Defined

    • Wage Cap by Entity Type.pdf

  • 3

    Employees and Wages

  • 4

    Additional Resources

    • Scenario Worksheet Download

    • Letter to Employees Download

    • Loan Forgiveness Webinar Q&A Followup

    • Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020

  • 5

    Common Q&A

    • Can you use the FFCRA and the PPP at the same time?

    • When can you submit your Loan Forgiveness Application through QuickBooks Online?

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